Piano & Instrumental Lessons with Karissa M. Salazar

Meet the Instructor

          Karissa M. Salazar has been playing music for 23 years and first fell in love with the piano.  From there she studied flute and saxophone throughout her schooling and was invited to start playing in a Big Band at the age of 15.  She is the lead tenor sax player for a local Big Band called Sentimental Journey’s Band and also plays for Fascinating Rhythm which is a smaller jazz combo.  She studied Classical music under the direction of Mrs. Clara Woolley of Plymouth Indiana who also played for the South Bend Symphony.  Karissa instructs piano, sax, flute and provides instrumental coaching for other instruments as well.  She loves prepping students for events such as ISSMA Solo & Ensemble and also travels to accompany them.  Her musical abilities allow for her to perform at weddings or other venues.  Other interests include dancing and the study of ballroom and contemporary dance which allows her to enjoy another dimension of music.  Karissa is also a martial artist and student at Juko-Ryu Toide & Martial Arts Center.


Guitar Lessons with Matt Girres

Meet the Instructor

          Matt Girres has been playing guitar consistently for the last 28 years and loves sharing the knowledge he has acquired over that time.  He has played with various local musicians and in a variety of bands covering everything from rock, country, dance, metal and has original composition experience.  To add to his musical background Matt attended Music Tech College which is now better known as the Smith McNally College of Music.  He has also taught at Wagoner’s Music in Plymouth for about 17 years.  He has a passion for teaching younger age groups especially and enjoys being able to watch them grow.  “I definitely don’t mind going out of my way for my students,” Matt says displaying his heartfelt commitment to their learning.  Matt is also a dedicated martial artist having studied for over 15 years and attends classes at Juko-Ryu Toide & Martial Arts Center where he is also very giving of the knowledge he has regarding self-defense.  Other interests include flying and piloting single engine aircrafts.