Couples Ballroom Dance Lessons in Warsaw

Why Walk When You Can Dance!

Health Benefits of Dancing:  Dancing has been proven to better your heart and lung health, increase muscular strength, endurance, mental function and motor skills, build confidence, coordination, balance, flexibility and spatial awareness along with so much more.

What's Offered:  Private lessons are meant to teach couples the art of dance through the many different styles of Rhythm, Smooth, Swing and Latin dances.  We also offer dance lessons for weddings whether it be bride and groom dances, father-daughter dances, mother-son dances or choreographed group dances.

Recommendations:  Lessons are recommended weekly to help retain the information given. For those who would like to advance more quickly or for those who have an event coming up, multiple lessons a week are encouraged upon availability.

Details:  Lessons are given in 45 minute increments and are only $50 per session taught by a ballroom dance instructor with over 11 years of professional experience.  Lessons are held inside the Juko-Ryu Toide & Martial Arts Center which is one of the only places to offer couples ballroom dance lessons in Warsaw Indiana.

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